Bannière de Un service inégalé chez Groupe Taddeo

Unmatched service at Groupe Taddeo

Groupe Taddeo Auto not only sells luxury vehicles; it also makes sure to offer you the best after-sales service thanks to a team of technicians specially trained for the make of your vehicle.

"To continually surpass ourselves" - this is the motto of Groupe Taddeo Auto's advisors and technicians. Our technical advisors and after-sales service experts are hand-picked to answer all your questions. They excel with their in-depth knowledge of the automotive industry and the range of vehicles offered, and they present you with advantageous solutions to keep your vehicle for a long time. They are talented and knowledgeable about your vehicle's components. They know how to make the necessary repairs and follow up on your vehicle's regular maintenance.

Groupe Taddeo Auto offers you a relaxed atmosphere while our technicians work on the necessary repairs to your vehicle. They will take the time to discuss your needs, to listen to your requests, to inform you during the maintenance or repair, to show you the work done and to give you tips to improve your driving. Our team is concerned with a job well done and each action undertaken has a purpose. Trust the Groupe Taddeo Auto team for an outstanding after-sales service.

The combination of talents within the group is clearly visible as the team is united by the same philosophy, i.e., to offer customers an enriching experience and ensure their continued satisfaction with their new or used Volvo and Alfa Romeo vehicles. A welcome to Groupe Taddeo Auto is not only a sign of politeness, it is the guarantee of a memorable adventure that will lead you to the wheel of your next high-performance, reliable and refined vehicle.

Our experts will make sure to make your vehicle perform even better. Trust our team, your vehicle is in good hands!

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