Bannière de Accessoires et pièces d’origines

Genuine accessories and parts

We enjoy driving Volvo or Alfa Romeo vehicles because they are reliable and high-performance. To ensure your car is professionally maintained, use only replacement parts that are guaranteed to deliver on the car's unmatched promise - Volvo and Alfa Romeo genuine parts.

All genuine parts for your luxury vehicle have been designed, tested and manufactured to your manufacturer's detailed specifications to optimally interact with all parts and systems in your car or SUV.

Trust the durability of your Volvo and the power of your Alfa Romeo, choose only genuine parts. Groupe Taddeo Auto is so confident in the durability of genuine parts that we offer them with a lifetime warranty against defects. So if you pay for a repair, you'll never have to pay for the same repair again.

Every part on your vehicle has a purpose, and each one is designed to deliver optimum performance both in the city and on the highway.

When a part needs to be replaced, it is very important to make sure it is with an original part, which will preserve the original features of your luxury vehicle way longer. Groupe Taddeo Auto makes sure to have a complete inventory of original parts, all of which are certified by the two car manufacturers. These parts ensure a perfect continuity of your vehicle's performance and safety while preserving and maximizing its resale value.

Demand genuine parts for your Volvo or Alfa Romeo vehicle from now on. Groupe Taddeo Auto cares about the performance of your car or SUV, down to the smallest detail. Take advantage of our experts' advice!

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